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Chris Blakey celebrates 5 years at Roc Search!

We’re delighted to be celebrating the 5 Year company anniversary of Chris Blakey, our Sales Team Manager. This is our third 5 year anniversary this month, just days after Donal Roughneen and Hannah Bates also reached this amazing milestone.

Based at our recently opened New York office, Chris heads up the Permanent Division there as Sales Team Manager. Like many of our long-standing employees, Chris initially worked out of our HQ in Reading, UK as a trainee recruitment consultant – joining the company in January of 2013. Prior to this he had graduated in Psychology at the University of Birmingham and started a job in software. It was at this time that he was approached by the Roc Search Talent Acquisition team for a role in recruitment. Despite having never considered recruitment before, Chris accepted the job thinking it would only be an interim job - 5 years later and he is now a Sales Team Manager at our office in New York.

Even at the start of his Roc Search career, Chris showed tenacity and ambition, always approaching situations with a positive attitude. It was this mentality that enabled him to fast-track his career, going from trainee all the way to Principal Consultant in the space of only 19 months. It was shortly after this that the opening of the Austin office was announced alongside the opportunity for Chris to head up the permanent side of the business over in the US – a challenge he was more than happy to take on! Chris comments:

“Roc Search gave me the tools to build myself a career and ultimately my own business, all whilst earning great money and getting to go do some great things with the company. During my 2 years in the UK, was promoted three times, went to Vegas, Ibiza, Cancun, and was top permanent biller at the end of 2014. Off the back of this I was offered an opportunity to go to Austin and head up the permanent team here.”

There were many challenges to overcome for Chris when he started out at the Austin office in December 2015. Moving to Austin meant a clean slate for Chris’ business network - new clients, new candidates and a very different market to the UK. Coupled with this was an accent barrier that meant a lot of people didn’t believe he was based in Austin. However, instead of changing the way he worked, he stayed true to the values he had learnt from Roc Search in the UK and persisted with the process. He built relationships, a market and a client base which quickly saw him succeeding in establishing the permanent side of the business in the US.

Due to his success during this time, Chris was then offered to relocate to New York to do the same for our recently opened office there – where he’s now worked since June 2016. We’re certain he will continue to emulate his own success at the other Roc Search offices and tap into the huge potential of the US market.

“Chris has always been very ambitious, ever since he started at Roc Search. That’s why he was one of the first to come to mind when choosing people to head up our expansion into the US. I was certain he could tackle the challenge head on and replicate the success he’s shown he’s capable of over the years. It’s an exciting time for Roc Search and the US side of the business and we’ve got a great team heading up our new ventures. I’ve now relocated to the US to oversee the success of our two offices in both Austin and New York because we know how much potential there is here to tap into.” – Conor Roughneen, Founder and Managing Director of Roc Search