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Hannah Bates celebrates 5 years at Roc Search!

We’re extremely excited to congratulate our very own Hannah Bates this month on 5 years at Roc Search. Hannah has been a hard-working and dedicated member of the team ever since she joined us at our Reading HQ office in 2013. Joining at the age of 18, Hannah took on the role of Consultant for Support and Infrastructure, moving up to Principal Consultant in the space of less than two years – a real testament to her drive and ambition.

However, her ambition was not limited to this. Since joining the company Hannah had always expressed a desire to move to the states. So when the Roc Search office in Austin became established she was one of the first people Conor approached for the opportunity to relocate there – an opportunity she was more than happy to undertake.

Director Jodie Gale, who managed Hannah whilst she was in the UK, comments:

“Hannah has an extremely positive outlook both professionally and personally. She is a highly motivated individual and throughout her time with us acts as a positive influence on everyone around her. Although we were all sad to see her leave the office in Reading we are all really enjoying witnessing her growth and development in the US”

Hannah spent a year at our office in Austin, working on the New York Tech Contract market and helping ensure the success of the endeavour. After this year she moved to help launch the recently opened office in the heart of New York. Now that there’s an established team in New York, Hannah will be moving back to Austin using her years of experience to further strengthen the Austin team by becoming a Sales Trainer.

We can’t think of anyone better to fill this role. Hannah has always been highly motivated, being a real example of a Roc Search success story. She made the decision not to go to university but instead start building a career and she has never looked back since. Hannah has shown that with the right attitude you can achieve great things at any age. This is all down to the approach she has to her career and we hope she’ll be able to pass on this attitude, alongside a wealth of experience, to other members of the team.

The amount Hannah has achieved in 5 years is extraordinary. She’s shown an ability to adapt that’s second to none and moving forward we’re certain this will continue to shine through throughout her career here with us. We look forward to seeing where her ambition takes her within the company over the years to come.